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General Policy Statement

All information contained in the “ FFTC website” is considered “official information” and must only be used for work-related duties or officially authorized activities.

User/Client Regulations

The FFTC website is owned and operated by the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center ( FFTC). While a great deal of care has been taken to provide accurate and current information, it is not possible for FFTC to verify the accuracy of all the information provided on its site.

The term “ FFTC web pages” means all web pages residing under the domain The name and logo of FFTC may not be used without permission.

Since 1998 the Center has made available free of charge the full text of its publications, making it an important information resource on Asian agriculture under the section “ FFTC Publication Database”, particularly by the national extension systems of the region. Individuals may freely download, copy and print materials for personal, educational, research, or other non-commercial purposes without prior permission from FFTC.

However, to make multiple copies, modify, translate or publish any material from FFTC’s database of publications, FFTC must be contacted for permission through Permission is usually granted, provided that no change to the content is introduced, and the source is properly acknowledged.

Pictures appearing on may not be used without prior consent. For requests for use of pictures, please write to identifying the picture and stating the reason the picture is needed.


FFTC assumes no responsibility for actions or decisions that are undertaken based on the contents of the FFTC web pages. The FFTC web pages are designed for use “as is”, and the user is solely responsible for the use of information found on the FFTC web pages. In particular, FFTC has no responsibility for the use of the contents of technical and non-technical papers collected from the various seminars and workshops of the Center.

Links to other websites are provided by FFTC in good faith and for information only. FFTC disclaims any responsibility for the materials contained in any web site linked to its site.