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Dragon Fruit Network: Marketing and the Whole Value Chain
In 2018, FFTC, TARI, and PFR organized a workshop on Dragon Fruit Regional Network Initiation Workshop & Steering Committee Meeting and steering committee meeting in April 23 to 26 in Taipei and Taichung. This workshop focus on the whole value chain spectrum for dragon fruit which includes the topics of New Varieties, Crop Management, Management of Pests and Diseases, Pre and Postharvest Management, and Quarantine and Marketing. In the steering committee meeting, the experts reach a consensus that FFTC should take the lead in this dragon fruit network and if the funds are available, the Vietnamese expressed their willing to host the next dragon fruit regional network meeting. Therefore, on September 9-11, 2019, an international workshop on Dragon Fruit Network: the Marketing and the Whole Value Chain kicked off at the SOFRI headquarters in Mytho City, Vietnam. The said workshop gathered 13 speakers from 10 countries with 76 participants.