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 February 11 2020

On February 7, Acting Director Dr. Akira Hasebe, Associate Researcher Mr. Kun-Chan Tsai, and Administrative Specialist Mr. Charles Wu visited Hutian Community of which is a winner of 2018 Golden Village locating at Yangmingshan National Park. Mr. Yong-Ru Chen, chairman of the Hutian Community Development Association, warmly welcomed us and introduced the rural history and development of the community.

As the earliest cultivation site of japonica rice (called “Penlemie” in chinese pronunciation) in Taiwan, Hutian Community has experienced several industrial transitions and suffered difficulties such as aged population and outflow of labor forces. However, through the joint efforts of residents, Hutian Community has successfully invigorated the tourist economy, and developed a whole new scenario of sustainable rural economic activities by integrating memories of local culture and history.

This coming April 21 to 23, FFTC will hold the 25th meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and a 50th Anniversary Ceremony and Memorial Symposium on “Perspective on Sustainability of Agro-Food Systems”, and a follow up field trip. The tentative field trip sites include smart agriculture farm, successful cases of sustainable rural development, and cultural tours.