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 February 03 2020

FFTC recently hosted a farewell party for Director Kuo-Ching Lin, whose term ended last January 31, 2020. Dr. Lin, who started his stint with the Center, last February 1, 2017, has officially retired and will be focusing on his personal pursuits. In the span of three years, Director Lin has been on top of FFTC’s programs and projects which include its yearly workshops, seminars and symposia. He continued and strengthened the FFTC-Agricultural Policy Platform, a website on agricultural policy articles written by experts and scholars in the Asian Pacific region. Likewise, he also continued the dragon fruit project and initiated the re-strengthening of ties with country partners like Indonesia and Australia. Dr. Lin also initiated the activation of FFTC’s social media posts which made the Center more visible. He has likewise promoted the Center in his various lectures and visits to other agricultural institutes and agencies in and out of Taiwan.

In last Friday’s handover ceremony, Dr. Lin turned over important documents and files as well as the Center’s official seal to FFTC Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe, who in the absence of a new leader, will now serve as the Center’s Acting Director.

Prior to his FFTC post, Director Lin was a Professor of agricultural economics at the National Taiwan University. In 2000-2002, he was also the Deputy Minister of Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture.