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 January 21 2020

On January 13, Director Kuo-Ching Lin, Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe, Assistant Researcher Ms. Keziah Wei, and Administrative Officer Mr. Charles Wu visited the “Gongrong and Ankang Community” in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City which won the first prize in the Golden Village competition. The chairman of Gongrong and Ankang Community Development Association, Mr. Lin Yi-Feng, made an insightful introduction of community transformation and development of " Gongrong and Ankang Community." He also mentioned that the community aims to promote the main spirits of Satoyama Initiative, environmental friendly practices, biodiversity and training of young farmers. This coming April 21 to 23, FFTC will hold a technical advisory committee meeting, celebrate its 50th anniversary, hold an international symposium on Perspective on Sustainability of Agro-Food Systems, and a follow up field trip. The field trip sites include smart agriculture farm, successful cases of sustainable rural development, and cultural tours.