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 September 11 2019

In the closing ceremony of the FFTC-VAAS-SOFRI International Workshop on Dragon Fruit Network: Marketing and the Whole Value Chain. FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin and Deputy Director of SOFRI, Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa gave all invited speakers certificates of appreciation and a small token of gifts for appreciation. In his closing remarks, FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin thanks VAAS and SOFRI for co-organizing this international workshop and thanks Dr. Bob Fullerton from PFR for successfully chairing the Steering Committee. He also thanks all the invited speakers and participants for their great contribution to this workshop. He then summarized the main challenges of the dragon fruit industry. For some countries production technology and disease control are main challenges. Overall the continuous growth of domestic and global demand is essential and the research on consumer behavior and market should be enhanced in the future. For helping solving these problems FFTC together with the dragon fruit network can play an important role. He concluded his closing remarks by calling all participants to join the dragon fruit network and together make the network work. By working together the network has great potential to become a useful platform for contributing and sharing information and for problems solving and promoting dragon fruit industry. Dr. Akira Hasebe, FFTC Deputy Director, summarized the important points raised during the workshop. Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Deputy Director of SOFRI, thanked all the guests for their participation.