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 September 09 2019

Session 1: Dragon Fruit Production and Postharvest Handling moderated by Dr. Wen-Ju Yang, Professor, Dept of Horticulture, National Taiwan University. Speakers include:

1) Dr. Wen-Li Lee, DG and Researcher, Tropical Fruit Department, Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch, who delivered his lecture on Shuttle Breeding: Strategies for Improving Commercially Grown Pitaya;

2) Dr. Parson Saradhuldat of Kasetsart University, Thailand who talked about Dragon Fruit On- and Off-season Production in Thailand;

3) Dr. Nguyen Thi Than Hien, of PPRI, Vietnam, who talked about Area Wide Suppression of Bactrocera Fruit Flies in Dragon Fruit in Binh Thuan, Vietnam; and

4) Dr. Nguyen Van Phong, of SOFRI, who talked about Innovations on Postharvest Handling of Dragon Fruit in Vietnam