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Home>News Articles>Announcements in 2019>FFTC and MRRD-PCAARRD to hold international training course on EAFM
 September 03 2019

Type of activity: Training course
Date & venue: October 1 - 2, 2019, Iloilo City, Philippines
Co-organizers: Marine Resources Research Division, Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD) / FFTC

The EAFM or “Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management” is a training course for fisheries managers, coastal managers, researchers, etc. It represents a move away from fisheries management systems that focus only on the sustainable harvest of target species, towards systems and decision making processes that balance environmental well-being within improved governance framework.

The EAFM Module includes: threats and issues in current fisheries management; fisheries management and the ecosystem approach; the whats and whys of EAFM; principles of EAFM; moving towards EAFM; EAFM plans: the link between policy and action; and the EAFM process overview.

Organized by FFTC and the Marine Resources and Research Division of the Philippine Council for Agriculture Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (MRRD-PCAARRD), this international training course will be attended by fisheries experts from Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan together with other Filipino local participants. It will be held on September 30-October 4 at the Richmonde Hotel in Iloilo City, Philippines.