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 July 03 2019

For the second time, FFTC Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe visit the World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg) in Shanhua, Tainan—this time to exchange and share information on developmental strategies and operations of research organizations. As part of the FFTC caravan tour, Dr. Hasebe meets with Dr. Marco Wopereis, Director General of WorldVeg and Dr. Sophia Chan, Virologist and Manager of the Center’s Taiwan projects.

Dr. Hasebe explains to the WorldVeg managers the current thrusts and directions of FFTC while Dr. Wopereis discusses the activities that their Center are undertaking particularly their Research Infrastructure Modernization (RIM) project—the construction of new research labs and fit-for-purpose facilities that is expected to reinvigorate and deliver high impact science and applications. He also discusses their projects in Africa, partnerships with other agricultural organizations, the involvement of youth and women in their projects, etc. Established in 1971 as the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC), it has since evolved and expanded its global reach and strategy and in 2017, became known by its more memorable name—World Vegetable Center.