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 June 28 2019

FFTC, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) and the Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium (MARCO) held a symposium on “Climate Smart Agriculture for Small-scale Farmers in the Asian and Pacific Region”at the Tsukuba International Conference Center in Tsukuba, Japan last year (2018). This May, FFTC and NARO published a collection of 22 selected papers presented during both the FFTC-NARO and MARCO symposium and the NARO International Peer Review Meeting. Adopting the same title from the international symposium, the said book, edited by Dr. Yasuhito Shirato of NARO and Dr. Akira Hasebe, Deputy Director of FFTC, is now off the press. The book and the powerpoint file of the symposium are available online!

Download the book
Download the ppt file of the symposium