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FFTC and NARO publish a book on “Climate Smart Agriculture”
FFTC visits Dean Prof. Huu-Sheng Lur and Vice President Prof. Dar-Yuan Lee,College of Biological Resources and Agriculture of National Taiwan University.
FFTC visits the Council of Agriculture's Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI)
FFTC visits Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park
FFTC pays an official visit to Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
Agriharvest chairman Dr. Chih-Cheng Hsieh visits FFTC
Group photo
Visit the GMP factory of the Department of Food Science of NPUST
Visit the Center for Agricultural and Aquacultural Product Inspection and Certification in NPUST
Welcome party of the FFTC international symposium hosted by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin gave appreciation medal to the co-organizers
FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin gave Certificates of appreciation to international symposium speakers
Comprehensive discussion was hosted by Dr. Fure-Chyi Chen, Dean of the Agricultural College of NPUST
FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin delivers closing remarks
Educational trip - Known-You seed company
Educational trip - World Vegetable Center
Opening of "Smart Agriculture for Environmentally and Consumer Friendly Food Production" symposium
Coffee break in the symposium
Keynote Speech Session of symposium
Preparation of the symposium is ready
FFTC visits Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center (ABRC) in Academia Sinica
FFTC visits NTOU President Dr. Ching-Fong Chang
FFTC renews ties with Fisheries Research Institute (FRI)
Farewell and Welcome Party for FFTC's Japanese working group member
FFTC Director visits COA Deputy Minister
FFTC visits Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES)
Vietnam Workshop Educational Trip
Available online! FFTC and NARO published new book on climate smart agriculture
FFTC-VAAS Joint Workshop Closing Ceremony
FFTC team arrives in Vietnam for workshop on bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides
FFTC and VAAS signed a MOU
FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin delivers opening remarks in the international workshop co-organized by Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hanoi Vietnam
FFTC strengthens ties with Philippine partners
FFTC pays an official visit to the Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI)
FFTC met the officials of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malila Philippines
FFTC visits Philippines’ DA-BSWM
FFTC pays a courtesy call to Malila Economic and Cultural Office-Manila, Philippines
FFTC Strengthens linkages with PCAARRD Philippines
FFTC visits ACB’s headquarters in the Philippines
UPLB and SEARCA officials meet FFTC’s delegation
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 June 04 2019

The final program of the two-day international symposium was the closing remark which was delivered by Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin, Director of FFTC. He congratulated everyone for making great effort to make the International Symposium successful. He also thanked the co-organizers and speakers from the Asia-Pacific region for their contributions to the Symposium, and wished the friendship would last and everyone would continue to keep in touch. The topics of the Symposium include Smart Agriculture, Environmentally Friendly, Consumer Friendly and Food Production, which are explored from different angles to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Each country has different points for Smart Agriculture due to geography environment and development stage differences. Southeast Asia focuses on Precision Agriculture, while Northeast Asia focuses on GAP and overall social and ecological sustainability. Although GAP is the direction of future development, regardless of whether organic or GAP needs to be promoted for a long time, only by changes in the code of conduct can it make significant and more comprehensive progress. Whether it is fit with GAP or organic food production regulation, governments should always ensure food safety for people. The advancement of technology research and development and production methods is mainly driven by demand, that is, demand-oriented research and development, consumers play an important role in this process, and the implementation of food and agriculture education can drive the establishment of a sustainable food system. Smart agriculture does not only include the development and application of technology, but also smart decision making, smart policy, smart use and smart consumers.