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 May 10 2019

After two days of presentations and discussion, the speakers and participants of the international workshop on “Enabling Capacity in Production and Application of Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers for Soil-borne Disease Control and Organic Farming” went on an educational trip in the surrounding areas of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The first station they visited was the community organic farm, which was certified by the local Association of Managers and Field Association Manager in the local organic farm area. The participants were briefed on the certification process, as well as the actual situation in the field cultivation operation. The second station was a visit to the compost organic farm production plant, where they were briefed on the mechanical practical application of Japanese imports of organic fertilizer production

The workshop participants also visited a garden, historic buildings, and enjoyed Vietnamese meals. In the evening, Mr. I-Chang Yang was invited to speak on behalf of the Vietnamese local organic farmers who run an organic restaurant, where everyone tasted delicious organic ingredients.