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 April 30 2019

FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin, Deputy Director Dr. Hasebe, and Assistant Researcher Ms. Keziah Wei made a courtesy call to the Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI) on April 30, 2019. This meeting was chaired by Dr. Tsung-wen Hsu - the Deputy Director of Animal Health Research Institute - with the directors of Biology Division, Hog Cholera Division, and Epidemiology Division.

Deputy Director Hsu welcomed the FFTC' group who paid a courtesy call to AHRI and introduced the mission and scope of the institute. The major purpose of this visit include: 1) to get insights into the works of each division in AHRI; 2) to introduce FFTC to the meeting and to encourage AHRI to submit proposals to FFTC in 2020; 3) to know the potential development of epidemic disease issues. FFTC, through Director Lin and Deputy Director Hasebe expressed their expectations to further strengthen the cooperation between FFTC and AHRI in the future.