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 April 10 2019

Stable production and supply of food crops are of utmost important to provide people good nutrition and health. Food crop production includes a process that starts from field cultivation, harvesting, processing, marketing, and usually ends in table consumption. Food safety therefore is arguably the most important issue for consumers.

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), the World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg), and FFTC are all collaborating to hold this symposium. In this activity, we will invite experts from Asia-Pacific region will be invited to discuss the key issues on crop production from the field to table, such as the use of smart technologies in agriculture to help increase production efficiency and decrease agricultural management risks. Other issues to be discussed include the decreased use of chemical pesticides to maintain food security and increase food safety through the introduction of inspection and certification of agricultural products, biological control strategies, and new concept of plant doctors to help farmers to efficiently implement safer pest control measures. We sincerely welcome your participation.

To register, please click on the link:

The detailed agenda will be available in the end of April

Transportation Info of NPUST:
Shuttle bus schedule:
May 28 - 0830~0920 / 1635~1700 round trip between the front door of NPUST and venue
May 29 - 0830-0900* round trip between the front door of NPUST and venue

*Due to the school timetable, shuttle bus will not be available in the afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.