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 March 07 2019

For seven years now, FFTC has been working with agri-economists and agri policy experts of its partner countries to publish agricultural policy and other related papers. This is part of the FFTC-agricultural policy platform project of which the Center started in 2012. To date, close to a thousand articles on agricultural policies have been published and uploaded in the FFTC agricultural policy website under 30 categories ranging from trade liberalization countermeasures to farmers welfare and retirement system to agricultural marketing policy, etc. They are written by agri policy experts from more than 10 countries in the Asian and Pacific region.

In this light, FFTC is inviting all researchers, agri economists and agri policy experts to contribute agri policy related papers for publishing in the FFTC-AP website. Come visit us at http://ap.fftc.agnet.org/ for more information or send as an email to Ms. Natalie Lu at natalielupy@fftc.agnet.org.tw