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 February 14 2019

In light of maintaining and improving the quality of soil/plant tissue testing laboratories in the Asia-pacific region, this proficiency testing program is designed to offer the participating laboratories the opportunity of comparing their analytical results with those of other laboratories. The program is one of the annual activities of the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC) in 2019, and is conducted by Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI).

The projected participants will be the researchers and scientists of the soil/plant testing laboratories in the Asia-pacific region. Participants will not be charged any fees. We welcome and encourage all the soil/plant tissue testing laboratories to participate this activity!

There are only 100 slots available for participants so please register early!

For more information, please check the following links:


 Or contact Ms. Jennifer Lii

 Tel: +886-2-2362-6239 ext. 14