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Home>News Articles>Announcements in 2018>FFTC ties up with TARI re: seminar on ICT and its use in agricultural disasters
 September 26 2018

Now that agricultural disasters are getting more frequent because of climate change and other natural and man-made causes, scientists are turning to the use of information communications technology or ICT to strengthen the prevention and early warning systems of agricultural disasters such as typhoons, droughts and floods.

On October 22-23, the seminar on “Strengthening the Prevention Strategies and Early Warning Systems of Agricultural Disasters through ICT” will keep off at the International Conference Hall of Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute’s Biotechnology Division. Fifteen speakers from seven countries will deliver presentations on various topics related to natural calamities especially where it concerns agriculture. Topics like wise management of crops and the environment using innovative disaster prevention technologies and setting up of early warning device systems by ICT techniques to send disaster messages to farmers will also be covered and discussed in detail.

Vendors of ICT products will also be invited to demonstrate their latest products for environmental monitoring and crop disaster warning system.

The said seminar is a joint project of FFTC and TARI. For further information, please call Ms. Wei at  (+886) 2-2362-6239 ext. 18 or Dr. Yao at (+886) 4-2331-7715.