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 September 20 2018

Three years ago, (May 11-15, 2015) FFTC organized an international training course on “Smart Use of Fertilizers to Improve Crop Production and Soil Conservation.” At that time, the Center aimed to promote the importance of rationalized fertilization and management, display advanced agricultural technologies, strengthen the friendship of countries in the Asian Pacific region, and discuss the issues related to soil conservation.

This year, on October 30-31, FFTC ties up with the Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TDARES)  to hold another international workshop on “Smart Use of Fertilizers for Environmentally Friendly Agriculture.” Through this workshop, the Center hopes to help farmers and technicians understand the implementation of rationalized fertilization in the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, become aware of the relevant issues on the subject, and share updated information and technologies.

We are therefore inviting members of the domestic and foreign industries and the academia to share their valuable experiences in eco-friendly smart fertilization. We sincerely welcome your participation!