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 October 19 2017

On November 6-10, 2017, animal breeding experts, extension workers, farmers, academicians, researchers and livestock enthusiasts will gather and meet at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi to attend the seminar on “Boar Semen Application for Pork Quality Improvement.” A joint project of FFTC, the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI) and the Department of Livestock Production (DLP), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam, the seminar aims to bring together key researchers and share the current state of knowledge on boar semen application technologies, especially for pork quality improvement and genomic selection of pork.

The seminar will cover topics on breeding method of pig breeds, genomic pig breeding system, semen application techniques, pathogen-free semen transportation, semen supply station/center, using imported semen, evaluation and artificial insemination strategies and production of marbling pork, among others. There will be country reporters from Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. With the sharing of knowledge and experiences on the abovementioned topics, the organizers also hopes to establish an informal network of pig experts who are committed to information sharing and collective research.

The organizers emphasized that through the sharing of technologies and experiences in boar semen application from Taiwan to Vietnam, a humble contribution to tropical pig production can be made in this time of climate change. This is through the reduction on the cost of breeding stocks and the eventual increase in the quality of pork production in the ASEAN member countries.

For more information, contact Dr. Akio Takenaka at or Dr. Ming-Che Wu at