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 August 15 2017

The consumers concern over high-value products, health benefits of foods, safety and convenience are just some of the changes seen in the food industry recently. Experts say these changes maybe the result of shifts in consumer values and other socio-demographic factors in different countries. Urban consumers, for one, pay more attention to high food quality while people in the rural area find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle as they struggle to keep up with the continuous escalating prices of food.

Farmers in the Asian Pacific region should understand these consumption trends properly and one of the ways to cope with these challenges is to enhance the role of agricultural cooperatives. Farmers’ coops, for one, can support various marketing and supply initiatives concerning production, distribution and consumption.

It is in this light that FFTC and the National Training Institute for Farmers’ Organizations (NTIFO) will hold a seminar on “Enhancing Agricultural Cooperatives’ Roles in Response to Changes in Food Consumption Trends.” Happening this coming September 18-22, 2017 at the Mellow Fields Hotel in Taipei, City, Taiwan, the said seminar aims to provide a venue for specialists to share their experiences with the participants regarding the changes in food consumption trend and the response of agricultural cooperatives in the Asia Pacific Region and provide the best example of agricultural cooperatives’ response to the food consumption trends based on their experiences in coping with the challenge.

Twelve participants coming from eight countries (Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) are expected to grace the said seminar.

For further information regarding the seminar, please send an email to Ms. Yung Chen at