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 July 17 2017

Protected cultivation or the use of greenhouses does more than protect agricultural crops. It actually optimizes the growth environment for plants. With a greenhouse, one can evade almost all the season or weather conditions all-year round. It can offer higher yields, an extended growing season, off-season production, control of pests and diseases with minimal pesticide use, and efficient use of water nutrients. All over the world, this technology and system has been employed extensively over the last three decades.

On September 11-15, 2017, FFTC and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) are collaborating to gather experts in protected cultivation technology to mount an international workshop on “Protected Cultivation of High-value Crops Under Climate Change Conditions.” The objectives of the workshop are to present the latest technology trends in protected cultivation produced high-value crops such as fruit and vegetables including cultivation of medium and biotic stressors and provide new insights and innovative solutions to improve protected horticulture sustainability. Expected to attend and participate in the workshop are extension agents and trainers, producers and members of the private sector, young farmer groups and representatives of regional organizations working with young farmers.

The workshop will include invited speakers who will cover thematic issues related to protected cultivation of crops, and the latest research and development in cultivation medium and biotic stress management, country reports on the status of protected cultivation, and technical tour to visit protection cultivation sites in Malaysia.