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 July 17 2017

This October, FFTC and Japan’s National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) will team up to organize a seminar which is specifically focused on young farmers—a subject matter that is getting to be more significant considering the fact that nowadays, young people are becoming less interested to engage in farming. Experts however agree that aside from giving incentives to young people so that they won’t leave their farms, one of the ways to make farming more enticing is to expose them to the application of information and communication technologies or ICT to agriculture.

The advancement of ICT has made it possible to deliver information on weather, market prices, disease and pest outbreaks, early warning systems for disaster prevention and control, financial services, traceability of agricultural products and the availability of services. These types of information allow farmers to make more informed decisions on what to grow and how to improve farm practices.

The seminar aims to:  present an overview of the new agricultural production systems of established ICTs in Asian countries; provide a venue for exchange of ideas, techniques and knowledge related to adaptive technologies of ICT based agriculture production systems to farmers in the Asian Pacific region; construct and disseminate ICT agriculture or smart farming systems which small-scale farmers in the Asian and Pacific region can utilize for open-field cultivation; identify approaches and strategies for supporting youth entrepreneurship in agriculture with ICT applications; and establish closer collaboration and linkages among researchers working on ICT agricultural systems in the Asian and Pacific region.

For more information on this upcoming seminar, please contact Dr. Akio Takenaka at or Dr. Akimasa Nakano at