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 February 02 2017


FFTC welcomes Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin, who begins his new post as the new Director of the Center starting February 1, 2017. Dr. Lin is a Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University (NTU), a position he held since 1991. He is also a Government Adviser to the Executive Yuan and a Council Member of the National Sustainable Development Council. For two years (2000-2002), Dr. Lin also served as the Deputy Minister of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, ROC.

As an academician, Dr. Lin served as Vice Dean of NTU’s College of Bio-resources and Agriculture from 2002-2004 and a lecturer at the Department of Economics and Statistics at the National University of Singapore from 1984-1989.

Other positions he held in the past include President of the Rural Economics Society of Taiwan (1999-2001), President of the Taiwan Association of University Professors (2003) and Co-Chairman of Bioscience Strategic Planning Group, National Science Council, among others.

A Bachelor of Agricultural Economics graduate from the NTU in 1974, Dr. Lin took his Masters in Agricultural Economics at the University of Connecticut, USA in 1978 and his PhD in Economics at the North Carolina State University in 1984.

Dr. Lin replaced Dr. Yu-Tsai Huang who resigned as FFTC Director effective January 1, 2017.