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 April 13 2016
Grafting, the horticultural technique whereby tissues from one plant are inserted to another, is now getting more popular. Recent studies suggest that growers and researchers have found positive impacts of significant yield increase, disease resistance, quality improvement, etc—all contributing to greater economic and healthy benefits for both farmers and consumers. But there are factors that lead to a successful grafting just as there are various kinds of operational techniques to ensure the healthy growth of grafted plants.
Experts say grafting requires appropriate training and accumulated experiences to manage. Due to the lack of manpower and the increasing demand of grafted seedlings, many countries have started to develop grafting operations mechanization and automation technology to alleviate the shortage of grafting’s manpower needs.
On May 16-20, FFTC, in cooperation with the Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TDARES) will hold a workshop entitled “Grafting to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Production.” It basically aims to collect and collate grafting technology and industrial development status of countries in the Asian Pacific region. At the same time, the workshop, which will be attended by various scientists and researchers from the Asian Pacific region, will also demonstrate Taiwan’s grafting technology and successful grafting industries.
The workshop on “Grafting to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Production”
will feature Taiwan’s grafting technology and successful grafting industries, among other things.