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 September 24 2015
Last September 18, FFTC Director Dr. Yu-Tsai Huang delivered a lecture at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Seoul National University in South Korea. Upon the invitation of the university officials, Director Huang’s speech was entitled “Taiwan Agriculture and its Challenges.” It focused on the growth of Taiwan’s agriculture from its successful land reform program in the `70s, to a highly mechanized and modern type of agriculture in the new millennium. In between, there were the issues, difficulties and challenges that it has to face in the midst of a changing environment.  

In the said lecture, Dr. Huang commented that agricultural reform is a very difficult task both for countries like Korea and Taiwan. Basically facing the same kind of challenges, the FFTC Director said both countries should collaborate closely with each other and share experiences.

FFTC Director Dr. Yu-Tsai Huang at the podium of Seoul National University’s Department of Agricultural Economics delivering a lecture on “Taiwan Agriculture and Its Challenges.”

Professors Taeho Lee, Jeongbin Im, Kwanso Kim and Donghwan An, together with FFTC agricultural economist Dr. Chan-Ik Chun and other graduate students comprise the audience who attended and participated in Director Huang’s lecture.