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Home>News Articles>Agricultural News in Asia in 2015>MARDI Collaborates with FFTC on Seminar Regarding Young Generation of Farmers
 May 04 2015

The Malaysian Agricultural Research Institute (MARDI) in its serious intent to address the continuing problem of aging farmers and the inclusion of the younger generation in its rural development programs, has collaborated with FFTC in mounting an international seminar  entitled “Cultivating the Young Generation of Farmers with Farmland Policy Implications.”

Taking off from last year’s “Enhanced Entry of Young Generation into Farming,” which was held in Korea, this time around, the FFTC-MARDI sponsored seminar which is scheduled on May 25-29 in Serdang, Selangor Malaysia will focus on the problem of availability of farmlands and farmland programs for young farmers.

According to agriculture experts, there are many reasons why the younger generations do not want to engage themselves in farming. Some of these reasons include low income, poor working conditions, inferior children’s education environment and poor healthcare system in the rural areas where they usually start farming. But one of the main difficulties of the young generation’s entry into farming is the availability of farmlands.

Some countries such as Korea have active farmland programs for young farmers to enter into farming and to increase their farm size without problems through the farmland bank system. Similar policies have been applied in Japan and Taiwan while other countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have different programs for beginners. The aim of the said international seminar, therefore is to find a better way for governments to prepare the appropriate policies for young beginners to purchase or rent farmlands or for existing young  farmers to increase their farmland scale.

No less than His Excellency Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries in Malaysia will deliver the officiating speech while His Excellency Dato’ Dr. Sharif Haron, Director General of MARDI and Dr. Yu-tsai Huang, Director of FFTC will deliver the welcome address and opening remarks respectively.

Topics such as farmland access policy for young generation of farmers, income stratification of rural households and the income instability of young farmers in Korea, land concentration and land market in Japan, etc.  will be discussed and shared among the 14 participants from 10 countries (Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) who will attend the said international seminar.

Young farmers and the availability of farmlands are the main focus of the upcoming workshop in Malaysia