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 May 10 2015

Featurette of FFTC-APAARI-COA-TDARES International Training Course on Smart Use of Fertilizers to Improve Crop Production and Soil Conservation , May 10-16 at TDARES , Taiwan.

There's much more to soil fertilization than putting fertilizers in the soil. Experts say there's a whole lot of science into it, plus a combination of knowing the right timing, the proper volume and other suitable methods that all add up to good soil management and smart fertilizer use.

On May 10-16, FFTC, the Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutes (APAARI), the Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TDARES) join forces in organizing an international training course on "Smart Use of Fertilizers to Improve Crop Production and Soil Conservation." The said training course, which will be held at the TDARES , Changhua County, Taichung District, will gather around 40 experts representing 18 countries. They will undergo intensive training, lab practice and field studies on smart use of fertilizers for increased crop production. The objectives of the course are to exchange experiences on smart fertilization technologies in different countries and transfer the said technologies and information to extension specialists in the Asian Pacific region.

Four keynote speakers will talk about various aspects of smart fertilizer use. They are Dr. Jen-hshuan Chen, Professor and Chair, Department of Soil Environmental Sciences, National Chung Hsing University, who will deliver a lecture on "Smart Use of Fertilizers for Increased Crop Production, Environmental Sustainability, and Soil Conservation;" Dr. Ryo Ohtomo, Senior Researcher, NARO Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center (NARO/HARC), Japan who who will discuss about "Application of Modern Technology in Fertilization—Reduction of Phosphorus Application by Using Biological Functions," Dr. Chang-gil Kim, Director, Research Planning and Coordination, Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI), who will tackle "Promotion of Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture in Korea" and Dr. Shyh-shyan Wang, Director of TDARES, who will give a lecture on "The Experience of Promoting Smart Fertilization Technologies in Taiwan."

Participants from various countries in the Asia Pacific region like Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vanuatu and Vietnam are also expected to share their experiences in smart fertilization technologies

The international course on "Smart Use of Fertilizers to Improve Crop Production and Soil Conservation" is the first of FFTC's nine major projects for the year.