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 July 14 2014

FFTC TAC Members Meet in Nantou County

Ten out of the 11-members of FFTC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) gathered recently at the Hotel del Lago, Nantou County, Taiwan for the 22nd TAC Meeting. The said meeting, which happens every two years, aims to identify agricultural information needs, evaluate the Center’s programs and activities and make recommendations to further improve future work programs.

FFTC Director Yu-Tsai Huang, in his welcome address, emphasized the contributions of the TAC members, who are distinguished scientists and agricultural officers of FFTC’s partner countries. “I feel proud to recognize that the prestige and achievements of the Center have been largely attributable to the brilliant, visionary and far-sighted ideas of our TAC members. It is truly an honor to work with you,” he said.

The whole day meeting was a cross-learning experience for both the FFTC management and the TAC members with the former providing inputs about the Center’s activities for the past several years and the latter giving constructive criticisms to the directions which FFTC should follow in the future. Foremost among the recommendations was for the management to conduct an impact assessment of its activities in order to fill the gaps and identify future projects and programs. Another suggestion was to slowly develop a knowledge platform in collaboration with international organizations for key crop and animal technologies required for small-scale farmers.

Dr. Kiyotaka Miyashita, the President of the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences or NIAES was the only TAC member who wasn’t able to make it to the meeting. The other TAC members are: Dr. Masa Iwanaga, President and Director General of Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), Dr. Yeoung-Seuk Bae, Team Leader, Technology Cooperation Bureau, Rural Development Administration in Korea, Dr. Yong-Duck Kim, President, “I Love Farm” Campaign Leadership Training Institution, Korea, Dato’ Dr. Sharif Haron, Director General, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Dr. Patricio Faylon, Executive Director Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquaclulture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD),  Engr. Leandro Gazmin, Director, Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service, Department fo Agriculture, Philippines, Dr. Kuei Son Sheu, Director General, Department of International Affairs, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC, Dr. Jun-Jih Chen, Director General, Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agroculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC, Associate Professor Dr. Siree Chaiseri, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Kasetsart University and Dr. Nguyen Van Bo, President, Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vietnam

Since 1977, there have been 21 TAC Meetings conducted under the leadership of the various FFTC directors who served the Center through the years. From its original program scope focusing on soils and fertilizers, livestock and crops production, FFTC has expanded its line-up of topics in order to adjust to the call of the times.