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 March 22 2013

The Gongrong Community Development model farm is a concrete proof that rural revitalization should always be anchored on nature preservation and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices.
Bringing back life to farms seems like a simplistic way of describing the whole concept of rural revitalization, but that in essence is what it's really all about. However, if we go by the specific details of the whole philosophy behind it and how it's done, then rural revitalization becomes a complex brew of social science theories, tenets, strategies, and approaches to rural development.

 On October 1-5, 2012, 18 speakers from nine countries (Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam) gathered in Taipei City to exchange information on community rural revitalization from various perspectives.

 Entitled "Enhancement of Rural Community Revitalization in the Asian and Pacific Region," the said international workshop aims to increase knowledge on the competitive advantage of rural industries and share information on how to efficiently utilize land in rural areas.

 The international seminar was sponsored by FFTC, Taiwan's Council of Agriculture and the Rural Development Fund.

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