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 January 20 2007

TAIPEI, TAIWAN ROC - The Agricultural Production and Certification Management Bill was finally passed on third reading in the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan ROC on January 05, 2007 after several deliberate meetings of the Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Executive Yuan. This bill aims to upgrade the quality and safety of agricultural produce and their processed products, as well as to protect the health of the citizens and the interest of the consumers. When implemented, the bill will open a new page in the history of the country’s agricultural production safety control and legalize the "agricultural products' safety valve" to protect the interest of the consumers.

The bill provides control measures over agricultural products in the fields and in the processing factory, fishery products from harbors and breeding ponds, as well as livestock and poultry in farms and at slaughterhouses. Even before they are placed in the market, the processes which the products go through come under management control. Agricultural produce certification and labeling, production/sales record, organic products and processed agricultural products all get standardized in 6 chapters and 28 articles in the Bill. Main points fall under three categories:

  1. High quality Agricultural Product Certification: To upgrade the quality and safety of quality agricultural products, the Central Authority will install a voluntary quality agricultural product certification system on specific agricultural produce and their processed products. Only recognized organizations are eligible to be included in this certification process; and only agricultural products which pass the certification test may use the High quality Agricultural Product label. Violators will be penalized.
  2. Management of Organic Productsand Organic Processed Products: To maintain the validity of the organic produce labeling and to protect the rights of farmers and consumers, organic products and organic processed.

Source: Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan ROC (