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 October 22 2008
New FFTC Director Jen-Chyuan Lee

New FFTC Director Jen-Chyuan Lee

TAIPEI, TAIWAN ROC - FFTC looks forward to the dynamic and innovative leadership of its new Director, Dr. Jen-Chyuan Lee, to spearhead the Center into greater heights of achievements. Director Lee is one of Taiwan’s leading research and development (R&D) managers whose professional commitment is the scientific and technological advancement of the agriculture and fisheries sectors in the Asian region. His professional experience speaks well of his managerial and administrative competence, having been in public service in various capacities, most notably as Deputy Minister of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan for 11 years. At the COA, he played a central and instrumental role in promoting agricultural development in Taiwan. He also has vast experience and exposure in international agricultural cooperation, having contributed to the success of many COA bilateral programs.

In addition to serving as Deputy Minister, Director Lee also held other key positions at COA, such as Secretary General of the Council and Director of its Fisheries Department. He is also concurrently serving as Professor at the National Taiwan Ocean University. He completed his doctoral degree from the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture, Auburn University, Alabama, USA, and his masters degree from the National Taiwan University.

Director Lee is envisioned to provide the leadership vital in fulfilling FFTC’s mandate to address the needs of small-scale farmers by promoting modern and practical information and technology in the ASPAC region.