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 September 01 2009
FFTC Director Dr. Jen-Chyuan Lee (left) and RDA Administrator Dr. Kim, Jaesoo (right) meet in RDA, Suwon, Korea.

FFTC Director Dr. Jen-Chyuan Lee (left) and RDA Administrator Dr. Kim, Jaesoo (right) meet in RDA, Suwon, Korea.

SEOUL & SUWON, KOREA – FFTC Director Jen-Chyuan Lee’s visit to Korea on 24-28 August 2009 for the FFTC-sponsored international seminar on Agricultural and Food Policy Reforms: Food Security from the Perspectives of Asian Small-scale Farmers was a timely and fitting opportunity to strengthen the Center’s ties with partner organizations and discuss with them new avenues for collaboration and information sharing.

In Seoul, Director Lee met with Mr. Kim, Jae Bok, President of The Farmers Newspaper, an affiliate of FFTC’s long-time partner in Korea, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF). During the meeting, Mr. Kim explained The Farmers Newspapers’ vital role in agricultural information dissemination and technology transfer, as well as in serving as the voice of small-scale farmers in Korea. Director Lee, on the other hand, pointed out that FFTC shares a common goal with the The Farmers Newspapers, in as much as the Center is mandated to put premium on the vast and far-reaching potential of timely and relevant agricultural information in enabling small-scale farmers in the Asian region to achieve improved agricultural productivity and a better quality of life.

In Suwon, Director Lee met with Dr. Kim, Jaesoo, Administrator of the Rural Development Administration (RDA). During the meeting, Director Lee took the opportunity to extend FFTC’s deepest gratitude to RDA for its continuous support and commitment to the Center for almost four decades, which has greatly contributed to the achievement of the latter’s mission as a regional information center in agriculture. In response, RDA Administrator Kim expressed commitment to strengthen its partnership with FFTC, especially in implementing joint programs and activities aimed at empowering Asian small-scale farmers to increase their income and improve their livelihood opportunities.