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Disseminating information on agricultural technologies

FFTC publications and website on Asian agriculture


A new development in the publications department for this year is that the FFTC Newsletter is back again in its printed form with around 130 copies of Newsletter 200 published for distribution to the members of the FFTC Executive Board, Working Group, and Technical Advisory Committee, selected libraries and agricultural offices. The following are the Center’s complete list of publications and e-publications as of December 31, 2018:

• FFTC Annual Report 2018 (in both hard and e-files)
• 15 extension bulletins and 5 technical bulletins
• Newsletter 199 (January-March)
• Newsletter 200 (April-June)
• Newsletter 201 (July-September)
• Newsletter 202 (October-December)

Website use

FFTC uploaded practically all documents regarding its workshops and seminars for this year. It includes all papers, country reports, photos and videos. The AP Project, which has its own link from the FFTC website has helped a lot in generating more visitor hits because of its uploaded articles for the year. 

From January 1 to December 31, 2018, there have been 371,150  visits or page views. This is much higher than the 265,152 visits at about the same time last year. Of this figure, 74% were new visitors with 26% as returning visitors. In terms of country or territory, the Philippines remains as the number one visitor of the FFTC website with 225,958 visits, followed by Malaysia (50,308) and Thailand (11,249).

 FFTC website top country visitors (Source: Google Analytics)


From the papers presented during the Center’s international workshops and seminars, every year, FFTC chooses 10-20 papers and publishes them into extension and technical bulletins. The former are practical information for practical purposes while the latter are for advanced research for scientists and researchers. They were written by FFTC’s resource speakers from different member countries in the region who are distinguished agricultural experts and research managers in the international community. These publications are aimed to be reference materials on Asian agriculture for scientists, agriculturists, policymakers, academicians, researchers, and extension workers. They are also uploaded online and can be accessed and downloaded in the FFTC website.

Extension bulletins 

EB 716  Paving the pathway for climate smart agriculture among small-scale farmers in the Philippines
- Robert Patrick M. Cabangbang, Maria Victoria O. Espaldon
EB 717 The introduction of GAP and quality system for pitaya in Vietnam
- Nguyen Van Hoa et al.
EB 718  The evolution of modern horticultural production systems—lessons for the dragon fruit industries in Southeast Asia
- JM Campbell and RA Fullerton
EB 719 Developing disaster early warning system and adaptation strategies for crop production in Taiwan
- Ming-Hwi Yao
EB 720 A 1-km grid meteorological data service and its use to reduce weather and climate risk for field crop production
- Hiroyuki Ohno
EB 721 Consumer valuation of cultural heritage: estimating the value of Cordilleran “heirloom rice” through the gastronomic systems research (GRS) approach
- Rosa Paula Cuevas, Annalyn de Guia and Matty Demont
EB 722 Performance of rice industry in India: potential industry and challenges
- Aldas Janaiah
EB 723 Promoting rice value addition through inclusive business model
- Juthatip Patrawart, Saisuda Sriurai and Tanapat Sangaroon
EB 724 Empowering youth through innovation in the food industry
- Hasimah Hafiz Ahmad
EB 725 The production and smart use of high quality vermicompost
- Jen Hshuan Chen and Yu-Chung Tsai
EB 726 Development and application of controlled release fertilizer “meister (coated urea)”
- Szu-Ying Tung et al.
EB 727 Research and development of organic fertilizers in Korea: the smart use of organic materials
-Cho Rong Lee et al.

Technical bulletins 

TB 221 Applying ensemble probabilistic forecasts to optimize the decision making
- Hui-Ling Chang et al.
TB 222 Establishment and application of a disaster assessment platform for agricultural loss
- Hsin-Chi Li et al.
TB 223 Engaging youth in agriculture: applying TRIZ in the context of agriculture
- Ong Jeen Wei
TB 224 Introduction of FFTC’s 2018 proficiency testing program on soil and tissue  analysis: sample preparation, homogeneity, stability/testing, and data statistical analysis
-Chen-Hui Syu et al.
TB 225 Soil database and its use in Korea
- Suk-Young Hong, et al.

This year, the FFTC Newsletter is back again in its printed form (the electronic version is also available online) and is distributed to the members of the FFTC Executive Board, Working Group, Technical Advisory Committee, and selected libraries and agricultural offices.

FFTC currently manages four websites—an English and Chinese websites, the Agricultural Policy Platform Policy website and the newly launched Dragon Fruit Network (DFNet) website. These websites have vast collection of information on Asian agriculture, agricultural policies and dragon fruit which can be downloaded for free.