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The FFTC-AP platform gears up for its fifth year

It has been four years since the first article was published in the FFTC-AP website, and since then, followers have been getting regular updates on the agricultural policies of selected countries in the Asian Pacific region. This year alone (between Dec. 2015 and Sept. 2016), there have been 145 articles uploaded with 19 articles translated into Chinese and published in the COA magazine. Total accumulative number of hits is over 1,500,000 and the average number of hits per day during the recent three months (July to September 2016) is 3,396 with Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan as the top three countries with the most number of registered visitors. Americans are the main customers of the website comprising 42% of the top 100 regular visitors who frequently go and surf the FFTC-AP website in the recent year.

Categories of agri-policies

Ten countries have been invited to join the FFTC-AP since 2013. Japan, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan joined the project in 2013, China Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in 2014, Malaysia in 2015 and Myanmar in 2016. Articles submitted by the contracted partners (agricultural policy experts and scholars of the abovementioned countries) are categorized according to the following: 1) Overview of agricultural policy; 2) trade liberalization countermeasures; 3)agricultural land policies; 4) human resources development; 5) farmers’ welfare and retirement system; 6) agricultural risk management; 7) food security and safety; 8) production policy; 9) agricultural marketing policy; 10) agricultural cooperatives and farmers’ organizations; 11) agricultural finance; 12) agricultural science policies and technology development; 13) environment and natural resources; 14) import regulation and quarantine; 15) rural development; 16) agricultural extension system; 17) agribusiness; 18) forestry; 19) fisheries and; 20) others.

A recent addition to the website is its interactive function wherein readers can ask questions to the authors of the articles that they have read. Readers can also post a comment or share their views at the end of each article. 

According to Dr. Chan-Ik Chun, Korean agricultural economist of the Center, for its fifth year in 2017, the plan is to generate more articles on agricultural policy which are of higher quality and more of the in-depth style. The goal is also for the articles to be more timely and relevant to the needs of its subscribers.  In order to do this, he said the management is going to find more competent partners who can contribute to the ever growing number of scholarly articles which are uploaded in the FFTC-AP website.