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IP protection workshop underscores entrepreneurship development

The enhancement of intellectual property protection can be attained faster if entrepreneurship development is pushed and the focus is on the development of premium products, good labeling, branding and other elements needed to compete in the market. This was one of the strong points emphasized in the recently concluded international workshop on “Effective IP Protection and Commercialization Strategies for Agricultural Innovation” which was jointly organized by FFTC and the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development (MARDI).
Cool Japan strategy

One of the examples to promote branding was discussed in the presentation of one Japanese speaker, Mr. Akihiko Okuno, Managing Partner  of SK IP Law Firm who talked about the Cool Japan strategy, a Public-Private Collaboration Initiative in June 2015. Cool Japan, Mr. Okuno says, “refers to the aspects of Japanese culture that non-Japanese perceive as cool. It encompasses everything from games, manga, anime, and other forms of content, fashion, commercial products, Japanese cuisine, and traditional culture to robots, eco-friendly technologies, and other high tech industrial products. 

In order to promote these aspects of Japanese culture, the government of Japan has implemented some policies like the use of local cuisine and agricultural, mountain and fishing villages as tourism resources, promote initiatives that tie together the demand for tourism attractions and pairing attractive regional cuisine and agriculture, create a framework for non-government organizations to recommend Japanese restaurants overseas and examine a certification system for made-in-Japan food products. 

Another way to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit is to encourage inventors and scientists to develop friendly technologies which are accessible and easy to use so that it can be commercialized. Through this, incentives and rewards in terms of royalties could easily be operationalized.

Mr. Akihiko Akuno, Managing partner of SK IP Law Firm delivers a presentation entitled “Strategy for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) Related to Invention and Research Results in Fisheries in Japan”.

Part of Mr. Akuno’s presentation was a discussion on “Cool Japan,” a branding promotion which refers to aspects of Japanese culture that non-Japanese perceive as cool.