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MR 219, a New High-Yielding Rice Variety with Yields of More Than 10 MT/Ha
News source: MARDI, Malaysia.
See PDF file for e-mail address., 2002-09-01

New Rice Variety from Malaysia

A new rice variety, MR 219, has been developed by the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI). It was officially released in January, 2001. It was the first variety to be developed by means of a direct seeding planting system. Selection from F2 to F6 of the segregating generations was done visually, using a direct seeding system.

Emphasis on Grain Number and Size

The emphasis was on the panicle component characters, mainly the grain size and the number of grains per panicle. As a result, a single grain of MR 219 variety can weigh as much as 28 _ 30 mg, and the number of grains can be as high as 200, higher than that of rice varieties previously released. The capability of this variety for producing high yields depends mainly on these two components.

Other Favorable Characteristics

Other good characteristics of this variety include a short maturation period (105 _ 111 days), fairly tall but strong culms, and resistance to blast and bacterial leaf blight, while the rice can be marketed as a long-grain variety.

In addition, the cooked rice of MR 219 has a soft texture (amylase content of 21.4%), as preferred by most local consumers.

Extension to Growers

The planting area of this variety in the first season after it was released was estimated to be about 30% of the total major rice granary areas. The coverage rose to about 48.4% in the second season of planting. With good water management and additional input of fertilizers, the MR 219 variety is capable of producing yields of more than 10 mt/ha.

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