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June 6-7, 2018
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Kasetsart University
Background / Highlights of Activity


Rice is one of the most important commodities in Asia, and the majority of farmers are engaged in rice cultivation in several Asian countries. However, the price of rice fluctuates especially during natural disasters. Policy interventions, on the other hand, also significantly affect the livelihood of small-scale farmers. In order to enhance rice farmers’ income and their economic stability and to minimize the effects of market responses to price volatility, rice production has to meet market demand. Information on consumers’ preferences, specifications of rice standards and quality certification such as sustainability of production and geographical indication are becoming more dynamic, and needed to be updated and disseminated. This also includes the linkages of rice farmers to various markets. The proposed seminar will include topics related to contract farming, farmers’ marketing tools such as online trade, etc.


  • Present and discuss the rice production and marketing situations in various Asian countries.

  • Bring together key researchers on value adding activities and learn from each other’s experiences.


  • FFTC partners, IRRI, FAO, researchers and/or key experts, representatives from farmers’ groups, agricultural cooperatives and key stakeholders in rice production.


  • Marketing of rice in the Asian region

  • Cooperatives roles in promoting value-adding activities

  • Changing roles of Asian consumers


  • Understanding of the rice marketing system in different Asian countries as well as the roles of farmers’ cooperatives in promoting value-adding activities

  • Workshop proceedings




Thailand’s rice industry and current policies towards high value rice products | Paper : (135) PPT: (125)
─ Dr. Apichart Pongsrihadulchai

Evaluation of policy and business performance of rice production and marketing zones in Taiwan | Paper : (130) PPT: (125)

─ Professor Min-Hsien Yang

Rice farming in the Japan's matured market: Overcoming the shrinking domestic demand by value-adding and export-enhancing strategies | Paper : (123) PPT: (133)

─ Professor Katsumi Arahata

The value chain and new price policy in Indonesia | Paper : (130) PPT: (133)

─ Professor Muhammad Firdaus

Value chain and cooperatives in rice production in large scale rice fields | Paper : (128) PPT: (136)

─ Dr. Hoang Vu Quang

Economic potentials of rice industry in India: Opportunities and challenges | Paper : (128)

─ Dr. Aldas Janaiah

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives’ rice value chain | Paper : (133) PPT: (129)

─ Mr. Surasak Sompadung

Gastronomic system of rice consumption for urban Filipino consumers | Paper : (136) PPT: (129)

─ Dr. Rosa Paula Cuevas

Overview of the Cambodian Rice Market: Challenges and the Way Forward | Paper : (163) PPT: (128)​​​​​​​

─ Ms. Heng Sola

Consumer Preferences on Speciality Rice in Malaysia | Paper : (129)

─ Ms. Rosnani Binti Harun

Promoting rice value-addition through inclusive business model | Paper : (132) PPT: (143)​​​​​​​

─ Mr. Tanapat Sangaroon

Rice breeding and mechanization for value addition in Laos PDR | Paper : (133) PPT: (131)​​​​​​​

─ Dr. Phetmanyseng Xangsayasane

Learning Alliance: Opportunities to move together to larger rice markets | Paper : (128) PPT: (176)​​​​​​​

─ Ms. Reianne Quilloy

Myanmar rice industry and policies towards value addition and export promotion | Paper : (127) PPT: (132)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

─ Dr. Theingi Myint



International Seminar on Promoting Rice Farmers’ Market through Value-adding Activities