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Oct. 17-21, 2016
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Background / Highlights of Activity
Technology innovation is necessary for the small-scale farmers, but is not easily available because of lack of resources such as small farmland and capital. One of the important ways to address this concern is through commercialization of technologies, a concept developed by government agricultural research institutes. Commercialization of technologies gives incentives and rewards in terms of royalties to inventors (researchers).  It can also increase the competitive position of a firm in the business environment and reduce the risk of failure in inventing a new technology in-house.
Technology commercialization, however, is a very complex, dynamic and difficult process. It involves many people with different levels of knowledge, skills and motives. The failure of technology commercialization is associated with the management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and the strategies for commercialization. In reality, technology commercialization involves recipient firms—even if the technology is successfully developed, the success of the innovation process, still depends on whether the technology is successfully transferred and diffused into the society. Thus, successful technology commercialization is determined not only by the novelty of that technology but also by the right formulation. 
This workshop will offer a platform for all key players and stakeholders to discuss the best practices and approaches to enhance the technology transfer process.  
This workshop aims to provide an avenue for researchers in public research institutions and public universities to share their experiences with the participants regarding the process involved in commercializing different innovations. The workshop also can provide the best model of technology commercialization by resource persons based on their personal success experiences to improve the technology commercialization process so as to enhance the efficiency in food production.
Proposed seminar topics
  1. Strategy for protecting intellectual property rights (IPRS) related to invention and research results.
  2. Model of technology commercialization from government research institutions to private firms. 
  3. Model of technology commercialization from government research institutions to small-scale farmers as beneficiaries. 
  4. Case studies of agricultural technology commercialization for improving adoption rates of new technologies or inventions
  5. Challenges faced by government research institutions and public universities in the commercialization of agricultural innovation 
Expected outputs
  1. Information exchange and sharing of successful technology commercialization cases between countries. 
  2. Awareness created from the importance and impact of research and development regarding the aspects of technology commercialization, including understanding of the technology, and the processes and approaches involved in technology commercialization.



Highlights of 2016 FFTC-MARDI International Workshop on Effective IP Protection and Commercialization Strategies for Agricultural Innovation