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Jul. 11-14, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan
Background / Highlights of Activity


The FFTC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprising of renowned experts has the following functions: 1) to review and advice on information and technology deployment priorities that address common agriculture and food issues in the Asia and Pacific Region; 2) to assess the Center’s science and technology merit; and 3) to recommend suitable directions and strategies to the FFTC management.




The said meeting is to focus on the following objectives:
  • To evaluate of the Center’s activities undertaken in the past two years;
  • To reflect on the External Review report;
  • To give advice on the Center’s future activities that address common agriculture and food issues in the Asian and Pacific Region; and
  • To suggest potential partners for broader impact activities.


Description of major activities:


The FFTC Strategic Action Plan for 2015-2016 was endorsed by the TAC members in the 22nd TAC meeting. And some of the related activities were successfully carried out with the TAC’s recommendations. The following themes will be discussed at the 23rd TAC meeting:
  • The FFTC Strategic Action Plan for 2017-2018, which will be proposed and reflect the results of the External Review of FFTC conducted in 2015. (Also, FFTC activities performed during 2015-2016 will be summarized).
  • In review of rapid changing environments in agriculture in the Asian Pacific Region, the second theme of the meeting will be on “how to collect economically and technologically viable information and relevant technologies widely and less-costly; process them to be intelligible to the major FFTC clients; and disseminate them timely, economically and feasibly.”
  • The third theme of the meeting will be on “Strengthening the partnership between FFTC and the National and Regional-Institutions/Organizations for Diversified Agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region.


Expected outputs:


  • To improve the Center’s performance in collecting, processing and disseminating relevant information and technology for various FFTC clients, future directions and new schemes should be proposed.
  • National/regional partners under a new scheme will be re-formulated to cope with the diversified agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region.


Highlights of The 23rd Meeting of the FFTC TAC