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Home>Major Activities>Seminars and Workshops in 2012>Epidemiology and Disease Management of Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB) Disease for Sustainable Citrus Production in the ASPAC Region

November 5-9, 2012
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
NIFTS, Japan, COA, Taiwan, ROC
Background / Highlights of Activity

This international seminar is envisioned to be the venue by which sharing and exchanging of relevant information on recent advances in molecular biology of pathogenic bacterium of citrus greening disease will be made. In particular, a couple of remarkable achievements made in such developed countries as Japan and USA are expected to be reported. In addition, based on highly sophisticated analysis of the pathogenic bacterium and pathogen spreading modes in target areas, it became possible to apply two different strategies for preventing further spreading of Greening over the frontier of Asian countries. To apply this excellent strategy to the target areas and countries in Asia, extension specialists with highly advanced knowledge/techniques have to be trained in order for them to properly judge when to use Greening eradication or mitigation measures for their targeted areas.


  • To assess the current status of damages caused by Greening and similar disease (tristeza, phytoplasma) in Asia;
  • To share promising information and advanced technology to eradicate
    Greening in northern Asia, and mitigate the disease in southern Asia and,
  • To develop a network of Greening scientists and extension specialists to closely trace the occurrence and outbreak of various pathotypes of Greening to prevent unexpected introduction of new Greening pathtypes in Asia.