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November 19-23, 2012
Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)
Background / Highlights of Activity

FFTC has been actively involved in the development of Soil Information System (SIS) applicable to ASPAC region in the past several years. SIS may provide an integrated and powerful tool to tackle and solve the age-old problem of Nutrient Management for Asian small-scale farmers. Soil Information System-oriented Nutrient Management (SISoNuM) is a promising and right path toward the further development of SSNM concept by incorporating a variety of new technologies and concepts into the System.

Hence, the cost-effective , environmentally –friendly and labor-saving N utrient Management for Asian major crops may be attainable by SISoNuM through the combination of various new technologies such as NRCF. The new System can be applied not only to rice, but also to various upland crop s such as corn , soybean and vegetables in Asian countries. The System is expected to provide some solutions for sustainable high yield, high environmental quality and crop quality, together with natural resources reservation and food safety.


  • · To develop a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and labor-saving soil information system-oriented nutrient management (SISoNuM) applicable to Asian countries;
  • To evaluate a new SISoNuM for Asian small-scale farmers in terms of cost-effective, labor-saving, natural resources reservation and food safety ;
  • To disseminate the releasing-rate controlled fertilizer production technique to maintain the good environmental quality and food safety standards for Asian crops growing in different soil characteristics.